Aakash Nihalani

The L Magazine Brooklyn Street Artist Aakash Nihalani Rides Koons Balloon Dog

"Long-time L Mag fixation Aakash Nihalani, the tape artist whose bright geometric forms you've likely seen on streets all around Brooklyn, is prepping an exhibition next month at Bose Pacia in Dumbo."


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Greenpoint Gazette Neighborhood Profile: 17 Frost Space

"'For a shining oasis of independent art and music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 17 Frost
Street Space looks rather unassuming."


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Examiner Street art in perspective: The urban geometry of Aakash Nihalani

"Street art is ephemeral by its very nature. What's thrown up one night may be painted
over, scraped away, or torn down the next."


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MTV Iggy Brooklyn Street Artist Aakash Nihalani Plays with The Everyday

"Street artist Aakash Nihalani’s geometrical tape art creates optical illusions using the
urban landscape. He often chooses extremely bright tape as his medium, and makes
designs that appear 3D by applying the tape directly to walls and pavement."


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MSN Local You Don't Spray?

"America’s changing attitudes toward street art are opening up new avenues of expression and energizing cities, big and small."


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Kidrobot Isometric Street Art

"New York artist, Aakash Nihalani is taking a simple, yet creative approach to installing
street art."


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Acclaim Magazine Aakash Nihalani: The Way Things Are

"Whether it be his street works, constructed with naught but colourful tape and his eye for
hidden shapes in public spaces, or his more traditional gallery pieces."


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FlavorWire Babelgum Presents: Street Artist Aakash Nihalani

"Inspired by New York City’s 'unexpected contours' and 'elegant geometry,' street artist Aakash Nihalani uses brightly-colored sticker tape to highlight unlikely urban beauty in his work. (You might already know him as the artist who was ripped off in Vampire Weekend’s video for 'Couzin.')"

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SLAMXHYPE Aakash Nihalani | On & Off (Often On) | Carmichael Gallery

"Aakash Nihalani, one of the world’s most engaging up and coming visual and installation
artists, opens his first US west coast solo exhibition at Carmichael Gallery on Thursday, January 21, 2010."


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Whitewall Aakash Nihalani

"Aakash Nihalani’s works, especially the fluorescent geometric shapes that have come to
be associated with him, enclose spaces or create an illusion of three-dimensionality
within two-dimensional facets in and around New York City."


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The New York Times Style Magazine Now Showing | Aakash Nihalani

"There’s a renegade romance to street art — sprinting from cops, working in the shadows,
using an alias, all in the name of art."


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Artcat Re:Public, Masters of the Ephemeral

"If the world of street art is mercurial then it should come as no surprise that the art of two
of downtown's most visible artists are as ephemeral as the urbanscape."


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