Atul Dodiya

The Art Newspaper Asian Art

"Chalo! India: A New Era of Indian Art

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Art & Co. Change of Paradigm

"The global attention that contemporary Indian art has received in recent years has been fixed on the boom in the Indian art market."


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Artinfo Indian Contemporary Art Award Winners Announced

"Atul Dodiya Subodh Gupta Christie's Kicks Off Asia Week with Four Low-Key Sales A
Contemporary Art Museum for India Taking It All In India Rising Postwar & Contemporary
Art On the Mark: Art on the Sidelines"


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New York Magazine Know Your South Asian Art

"As the euro-smug international art world continues to drop millions on chalet décor at this
week's Art Basel in Switzerland, American collectors at the fair — and there are fewer
than usual this year — have been talking excitedly about the bargain investment
opportunities presented by a relatively untapped market: contemporary Indian art."


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Art India Walking the Talk

"Rajesh Punj moseys around London, chatting to galleriests, dealers, auction house representatives and artists about contemporary Indian art."


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Art India High Flyers

"Christie's is taking Indian art to unparalleled heights commercially..."


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ArtIndia Game of Love

"A Change in an exhibition's location can lead to an even bigger shift in meaning. This was demonstrated by Atul Dodiya's Saptapadl: Scenes from Marriage (Regardless)..."

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Modern Painters Insourcing India

"In the 1980's, two influential exhibitions, 'Place for People' and 'Questions and Dialogues,' opened a critical space in the Indian art scene for the articulation of the personal, the autobiographical, and the political in the context of the contemporary world."


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Art Asia Pacific Atul Dodiya: Palimpsest/Forcefield

"Atul Dodiya's paintings vouch for the artist's delectation in the possibilities inherent in the medium, the more to serve the complex representational tasks he sets for himself."


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Tehelka Mosaic of Gambles

"With Atul Dodiya’s latest exhibition putting some of his most adventurous collages on view, Chandrahas Choudhury profiles this quintessentially Bombay artist."

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ArtIt Contemporary Indian Art: Turbulent Belonging

"Contemporary Indian art has become the site for an unprecedented series of investments at the beginning of the twenty first century."


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The New York Times Indian Artists Comment on a Booming Economy While Helping to Fuel It

"MUMBAI — In a humble suburb, past storefronts splashed with soap-powder ads and
banners splashed with the faces of local politicians, sits a narrow row of tenement flats, in
whose courtyard sits a woman, sari hitched up to her knees, washing that morning’s pots and pans."


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Art Asia Pacific Whispering Gallery

"The biggest powerbrokers, tastemakers and rainmakers from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Mumbai, Paris and London decended onto New York City in late March for what was arguably the most exciting Asia Week ever, as far as all things contemporary are concerned."


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Art Asia Pacific Indian Summer

"The 1990s was a decade with tremendous upheaval and change in India: the rise of fundamentalist right wing politics and associated episodes of brutal violence coincided with the liberalization of India's economy, which opened India up to multinational interests, satellite television and the internet, and the myriad effects of globalization."


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The New York Times The World Tour Rolls Into Town, Sprawling but Tidy

"THE ARMORY SHOW 2006, which opens on Piers 90 and 92 today, calls itself the
International Fair of New Art. But what it really is is the New York leg of what has become, over the past few years, a single, floating, continuous trans-Atlantic art fair that periodically alights in one city or another — Miami, Cologne, Basel, London — to hawk its wares and replenish its stock."


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Hindustani Times Exploring creative spaces

"My Studio means the world to me. It has been designed keeping in mind my projects. With its arches and book cabinets, architect Shaayan Kapadia especially designed it to match my taste..."

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Art India Gained in Translation

"Karin Miller-Lewis looks at how Atul Dodiya responds to the mature, dynamic rhythms of Piet Mondrian's compositions and assesses how he explores the past inflecting the present."


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Art In America Atul Dodiya at Bose Pacia Modern

"In this confident New York debut, Bombay artist Atul Dodiya proposed a long list of
gritty questions, both enormous and intimate. His primary vehicle was a series of tall


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Art AsiaPacific Atul Dodiya

"Indian visual culture, which proliferates in city centres, is remarkable for its vivid colours and diverse imagery. Small shopfronts, just a few meters in width and jammec together, line downtown streets in Indian cities, and at night shop-owners pull down steel shutters..."

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Art India Showcasing Broken Lives

"Nancy Adajania discusses Atul Dodiya's latest show, which offers a serious meditation on the contemporary human condition and critiques the national politics of hate."


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The New York Times Atul Dodiya

"The centerpiece of Atul Dodiya's haunting New York solo debut show is an installation titled "Broken Branches," composed of nine tall, glass-fronted wooden cabinets."


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Art India A Labyrinth of Overlapping Concerns

"Peter Nagy evaluates the curatorial choices of Gulammohammed Sheikh and Dr. Jyotindra Jain in putting together an exhibiton which blurs the visual boundaries between home, street, shrine, bazaar and museum."


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India Today Hunt For a Native Hero

"In an unprecedented flurry of activity over the past two years, dealers, curators and artists from across the globe have been criss-crossing India looking for art."


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Art India Jootis for the Urban Flaneur

"Deepak Ananth feels that the Mumbai section of the Tate Modern Show, 'Century City', has been a successful representation of the metropolis's urban visual culture set against the backdrop of globalization."


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Art India Second Time Lucky

"The Sotheby's Prize for Contemporary Indian Art, 1999, was awarded to Atul Dodiya at a presentation ceremony..."


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Art India Prelude

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ArtIndia Vishnu Meets Picasso

"it is a scene familiar to most Indians: Vishnu, the god of preservation reclining on Sheshanag, surrounded by devotees and supplicants. Prominent among these are garuda, looking distinctly parrot-like, and Indra in his cursed state..."

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