Mithu Sen

The Tribune Brush With Boldness

"The GenNext of women artists wields a confident and adventurous brush
when it comes to expressing the art of the current century, writes Nirupama


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ArtForum Mithu Sen

"Krinzinger Projekte"


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Artetc Technological Exorcism and Politics of Image

"The exhibition titled, 'Still Moving Image', curated by Deeksha Nath from Aug-Nov 2008, being the inaugrual exhibition of Devi Art Foundation..."


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Time Out Delhi Artists at Work

"While Delhi gears up for '48 Degrees', these artists have already quietly gone about putting their own work in the public domain."


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LA's Monthly Magazine for the Arts Contraditions and Complexities: Contemporary Art from India

"With the world's largest democracy awakening from its Third-World slumber, the international art world is eager to find itself reflected in India's contemporary art."


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Art Ltd. "It's a massive nation in South Asia, with a booming economy, and a vibrant emerging art scene that is as yet barely known to We

"It's a massive nation in South Asia, with a booming economy, and a vibrant emerging art scene that is as yet barely known to Western viewers."


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LA Times Indian Art: Unique Yet Mainstream

"The emergence of Indian art is further evidence of the country's influence. An L.A. exhibition takes a look."


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Art India Relational Aesthetics

"Visiting Mithu Sen at her home, surrounded by cabinets stuffed with dolls ('my daughters and sons') and seeing her walk around her fiery red kitchen, one gains an insight into the private narratives she creates in her art."


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New Times East Wind A'Blowin'

"The South Asian artists in this show are so far out of the box they rattle the place."


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Art India Dressed to Kill

"The Devi Art Foundation has changed the face of the contemporary Indian art world."


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Apt Insight

"Alongside the explosive growth of painting, sculpture, and installation objects in India's contemporary art world during the past decade, performative art practices have experienced a tandem, if less publicized, launched into the international public sphere."


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ACAW 2008 Artists in Conversation Online Interview

"Mithu Sen"


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Matters of Art Different Strokes

"Surya Singh visits Mithu Sen 's exhibition of recent works at Nature Morte, New Delhi and writes why no one with serious interest in art can afford to ignore her work."


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Asian Art News The United States

"Mithu Sen at Bose Pacia"


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The New York Times Review

"MITHU SEN With video, painting, sculpture, photography and collage, there's a lot
going on in this young Indian-born artist's crowded solo."

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Art Asia Pacific Artists on Spirituality

"Artists on spirituality is inspired by 'ArtAsia Pacific's' artists on ART series of talks at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York."


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Art Asia Pacific Almanac 2007 Asian Art Exhibitions in Europe

"In Europe, London remains the the center for international contemporary art."


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Saffronart Avatars of the Object: Sculptural Projections

"Guild Gallery is showcasing works of several talented artists and sculptors as part of a group show. Among the participating artists are Jehangir Jani, Shilpa Gupta, Anita Dube, Kaushik Mukhopadhyay, MithuSen, M M S Umesh, Navjot Altaf, and Pooja Iranna."


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Art Asia Pacific India's New Progressives

"Indian artists, like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, have worked in the
shadow of a Euro-American art history that makes a claim to universality."


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Art Asia Pacific Projects in the Making

"Mithu Sen's stately manners"


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The Hindu Some Smoke, Some Strokes, Some Self

"While Gallery Espace has doubled its space, some Biblically resonant and erotic
images find their way to Delhi galleries."


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DNA Saccharine vs Wit

"Anahite Contractor finds Samir Mondal cloyingly sweet and Mithu Sen masterful"


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Y India News Sexplicit Drawing Room

"One doesn't often come across a drawing room decorated with human reproductive organs in various suggestive acts..."

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Femina On the Fast Track

"The correct number would be closer to 4,500.There must be as many or more women
out there, who deserve to be in here. But since we are celebrating our 45th anniversary
this year, we sifted through the young and upwardly mobile to find 45 women, who are
making their presence felt on the fast track."


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Gallery Chemould The Drawing Room

""Through her recent suite of 80 large as well as intimate-scale drawings, titled 'The Drawing Room', Sen creates an interior where sexual fantasies are unabashedly caressed until they grow into the gigantic whorls of a rose; and where taboos and false pretences are gently trapped between the blades of a scissor and snipped."


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NCR Tribune Exploring possibilities

"Anant Art Gallery is presenting ‘Fleshed Out and Lifting Off: Painting into Relief,’ a group exhibition by Kriti Arora, Samit Das, Sheila Makhijani, Bindu Mehra and MithuSen from February 14 to March 7, 2004."


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The Hindu Beyond Boundries

"WHILE MOST art is intended for the lingering appreciative gaze, the title `The Peep
Show' seems to hint at an exhibition that affords fleeting surreptitious glimpses."


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Art India New Voices

"'Emerging Trends', a showing of works by eight young artists presented at the CIMA gallery in Calcutta from August 3-15, was, perhaps, inappropriately named."


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