Bari Kumar

Acceptance of Denial
November 8 - December 22, 2007
New York Bari Kumar

"Grosvenor Vadehra is presenting an exhibition of new works by Californian-based Indian artist Bari Kumar in his first solo exhibition in the UK. The show starts on May 8 and will be on view till May 4, 2008..."

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Rivaaj Beyond Hype

"South Asian art is exploding ad Bose Pacia is ground zero. The first venue devoted entirely to the sector, it's been both a showcase for emerging talen as well as a test in determining whether the work can find commericial success..."

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"Artist Bari Kumar's work operates at the intersection of knowledge and obscurity. The versatile artist creates paintings, fiber-constructions and video works that portray a mélange of seemingly disparate icons layered with fragmented, censored, and abstracted human forms..."

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ArtIndia Body of Work

"Bari Kumar's second show Acceptance of Denial at the Bose Pacia gallery in New York from the 8th of November to the 22nd of December, carried his usual meditations on the bodily..."

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"Painter Bari Kumar lives and works in Los Angeles but is, literally and figuratively speaking, a dweller in the wide world. He will show a new series of large- and small-scale oil paintings at Chelsea's Bose Pacia Gallery this month, made in the wake of a months-long motorcycle trip around the perimeter of his native India, and embodying the mix of expansive internationalism and art historical modernity..."

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